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3 years ago
Lmao and we can’t grab the strippers’ asses
Jah said this hot 3 years ago
I have nothing but respect for this mans line of work
Zulu 3 years ago
Today it would be Corona party
1234 2 years ago
this dude is a hero
3 years ago
How de he miss that super hot girl in the first minutes of the vid tf
2 years ago
And that's how corona virus is spread at parties.
2 years ago
I dont understand the psychology of women.

Why they do that on a group? And get on video?

Its disgusting
Macca 2 years ago
4 minute mark. Thats a oh&s issue
2 years ago
that whipped cream must be New and Improved "Crack" Flavour.
Angel 3 years ago
The best work on the world